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Thinking of Buying a Ladies or Men's Designer Watch

These days, just what is a designer watch? Originally they were watches designed by one of the famous "designer labels" renowned for their clothing and designed to match their clothing. Always looking for more opportunities these labels also offer sunglasses, normal spectacles, perfumes and more to "accessorize" their garments. Names like Chanel, Dolce Gabbana, Armani, Lacoste, Burberry and others all now offer fashionable watches to go with their clothing and accessory lines.

Traditional watch manufacturers, not wanting to be left by he wayside, responded with their own "designer" special editions so now the term "Designer Watch" can apply to watches from the above mentioned firms, and also from the likes of Rolex, Tissot, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Cartier and more. When I say "more" I really mean it, as the brands mentioned only scratch the surface. There are many more designer labels that offer watches, and many traditional watchmakers, particularly but not exclusively Swiss. Watches have always been for many people a fashion item, and now it is quite realistic to own a selection of watches that you choose from depending on what you wear, and what other accesories you may be taking.

Talking about fashion and accesories including necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc., we are talking about a market very much orientated towards women. Many ladies rolex daytona watches are small and go well with matching bracelets and other matching items, such as earrings, even handbags. With different color faces and wristbands there is a wide variety that can be chosen from to match a specific combination of gown, hat, handbag and shoes, for example.

For men, maybe the choice isn't so great for each individual, but there is no lack of choice in the market for men's watches. Traditionally, men`s watches are technical marvels with an array of functions built into an attractive and rugged case, unlike ladies watches that are more designed for appearance rather than function, at least for gala, or dress occasions. Of course in other aspects women can be just as adventurous as men and also have a requirement for a watch capable of fulfilling many roles. Let's look at the Tissot T-Touch range; somewhat unusually they are suitable for both men and women, and incorporate a compass, barometer, thermometer, and even an altimeter. It is also water resistant to depths of up to 30 meters. Whether you are swimming, mountain climbing, or trekking, this watch will provide with plenty of vital information. It is also guaranteed for two years.

These and other famous watchmakers have not been left behind by the trend for designer watches, and in many cases probably actually manufacture them as Armani, for example, is not going to start watchmaking. They will design the style and look of the watch, but obviously will not make it, it will be made by a proper watchmaking company, under the Armani name. This will also apply to the other products bearing their name, like perfumes for instance.

Certain brands, designer names and watchmakers alike, will bring out special and limited editions to celebrate sporting events and high-profile occasions.

Obviously timekeeping is a very imoprtant part of any sporting event, and as well as provide timekeeping facilities, they also sponsor events and their name is publicised in that way. Tag Heuer is associated with motor sport, and Omega with athletic competions, to mention a couple of examples. Again Tissot make a special edition watch for the MotoGP season.

The majority of these watches would be considered to be expensive items. The price can vary greatly according to the materials used in it's manufacture, the level of precision and number rolex website of man-hours required to make it. A watch with a case that has been machined from a block of solid gold is naturally going to cost a lot more than one that has been cast from steel or alloy. Rolex watches, to take an example, it seems will never go out of fashion, and if well looked after, just like fine jewelry, will actually increase in value, making it a sound and inflation-proof investment.

There are many very good copies on the market, some much better quality than others, so be very careful that you don't get caught out. BakerTaser Vs. Baker

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